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What is staging and how does it works?

Staging is an essential part of allowing potential buyers feel at home in your listed property. With our quality antiques it is easier for prospected home owners see and feel the potential of a fully furnished home. You can purchase or rent items listed in our inventory.

Staging a home with Westbrook Antiques will provide your home with the look and feel to suit any style. Our wide variety of furnishings are available for your selection. Homes staged with beautiful and attractive furniture tend to sell faster and bring in highest possible price.

Some realtors, individual sellers and builders have unique styles and prefer to create their own feel. This is the reason why we have provided a wide range of style and types of furnishings available in our online catalog.

Once you have selected your style, we can assist you with shipping and labor needed to make this vision come true.

All items are available for purchase or rent.

If you are interested in buying antiques, just add them to your cart and complete the checkout

If you are interested in renting antiques, for home staging, click on the button to the right.

Choose Rental Furniture

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Some of the rentals we offer include lighting fixtures, antique furnishings or accent pieces. Bellow we have included some sample products from our collections you might be interested. We are always available to help and point you in the right direction. Upon completion, one of our representatives will work personally with you to make sure items you picked out arrive on time and in excellent condition.



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