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Estate Services-

From a single plate to the entire estate, we can help you with your estate liquidation needs

Dealing with a death in the family is emotional enough without the added stress of figuring out how to handle the estate as well. We too often see people unprepared when the need arrises for an estate liquidation company and wind up using the local estate sale company that they found on google. There are generally better options. 


From growing up in the antiques trade to owning a nationwide interstate delivery company to being a licensed real estate agent, Justin Westbrook is uniquely positioned to help you with resources your local firms cannot offer. In addition to buying outright, we offer brokerage and transportation for ALL of your items. 

In addition to a very active online presence and selling at very high end shows across the country, we have established incredible relationships with top tier auction houses, estate sale companies, and  estate liquidators nationwide. If your items need to travel to another area for better results, we have you covered.  

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