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Justin Westbrook


Justin Westbrook Antiques

Our Story

Hi, my name is Justin and I literally grew up in the antiques business. 

My grandfather built Skinner's Auction Gallery in Sardis, Ga. back in the 80s after years of peddling antiques out the back of his truck all up and down the eastern seaboard. My Nana loves to tell the story about when they let me go to my first auction, at age four. They sat me down and told me I could only go if I promised to be good and not touch anything. Half way through the auction, a mirror came crashing down in the back of the building and I immediately stopped my Poppy from calling bids to let him know it wasn't me. I pretty much spent every afternoon after school at the auction. 


By the time I was ten, I was allowed to help with the auction. Every break I had through middle and high school, I was on the road up and down I95 helping with our bi-weekly auctions and delivering sold items. I quickly developed a passion for the antiques trade and became very interested in the "hows" and "whys" of the business . After a stroke and other ailments kept my Poppy home, I hit the road with my uncle working shows. 


After 12 years of  running an interstate shipping company, I've made it back to what I truly love doing. You can a lot of my inventory on this website , but its best to visit our brick and mortar shop and 17,000 square foot warehouse as the photography can never seem to catch up with the buying!


Our shop is located in Shockoe Bottom- 1821 E. Main and mainly open by appointment at the moment. 




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