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Fantastic piece of labeled 19th century London made metamorphic furniture in recently tufted leather by J. Ward, “manufacturer to the Queen and royal family”. The chair reclines (from 34” to 62” with ottoman slid in place) with leather wrapped chains from a wheel on the side. The sides open up from both sides. There is an adjustable ottoman engineered to pull out from under the chair which then elevates in different positions to 45 degrees and also locks in place to keep from sliding out when in use. The large brass castors are as good of quality as were available in the period. This chair could still be used as the most regal wheelchair anyone could own or it also makes a pretty incredibly comfortable recliner for the living room. Please see all photos- including the label by the maker.


30" W x 34" D x 44" T

Labeled 19th Century London Made Reclining Mechanical Library Chair on Castors

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