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Incredible size and scale of this 17th-18th Century Aubusson tapestry city scape. Beautifully done with cranes, foilage, trees, river and town in the background. As picturesque as it gets. The tapestry has had a backing added to help preserve this ancient beauty. There are a few old patches and some areas of minor losses but all in all, its in incredible shape given its age. Given that this tapestry is 9' wide by 7' high it is the perfect size to use in place of a piece of art in just about any room.



Height: 84 in (213.36 cm)Width: 108 in (274.32 cm)Depth: 0.5 in (1.27 cm)

    Incredible 17th- early 18th century Aubusson silk and wool tapestry 7’ x 9’ wide

    Excluding Sales Tax
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